How We Work

Responding to Your Needs

Our company has evolved over time as we learned to better respond to the needs of our customers. On this page, we’ll tell you the kind of results our customers have reported. We’ll also give you a sense of our approach to handling our customers’ restoration needs and how we are different from other restoration contractors.

Tulsa Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Expected Results

You can expect two things when you work with TULSA Fire and Water Damage Restoration.

  • 1 That the repairs we quoted will be completed. That may seem odd to say, but industry audits have shown that as much as 20% of billed services are never completed.
  • 2 That your home has been thoroughly inspected during the restoration process and that everything is operating properly. We also use this time to assess whether other remodel or repair needs can be addressed in the future.

Our Approach

There are real benefits to working with us. One of those benefits is that we have the time to listen. We are bilingual of sorts – we speak English and Construction. We always take the time to explain to you any aspect of your repairs that interests you. The bottom line is that we enjoy people and get absolute satisfaction sharing our methods and processes with them, so they always feel informed.

Tulsa Fire and Water Damage Restoration
Tulsa Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Our Uniqueness

I love what I do! Few people say that about their work, but it’s true. After many years of custom home building and commercial contracting, I discovered there were two things I really love doing, working for myself and working in restoration.

We require that every employee has that same passion for their work and serving people. After all, it is our fantastic customers that keep us in business. “No one is going to take better care of your home or business.”